Medical Students in YG ED




We’ve always loved hosting medical students, and do our best to provide top class placements: stimulating, educational - and FUN! We take pride in supporting our “Doclings” to develop their potential whilst with us, and put a massive amount of

work into devising projects that are genuinely worthwhile.

You can read our new Medical Student Induction Pack here

Students interested in SSCs or electives in Bangor ED - click here

What’s on offer....

Bangor ED is absolutely committed to medical student education - to us it’s a win-win. Our doctors get a helpful extra pair of hands and in return we are kept on our toes answering questions and meeting the needs of the enquiring minds of keen medical students!

Most senior medical students want to hone their practical skills (venflons, venepuncture, arterial blood gasses etc) and there‘s an endless supply of such tasks in the ED, plus an ever-changing variety of patients to take histories from, examine, develop confidence in differential diagnosis formulation and decision making.

In fact, you can revise a great deal of the medical curriculum effortlessly during an ED placements - just look up every condition you saw that day!  

The first reincarnation of our famous Mountain Medicine SCP/SSC sadly ended in March 2013 with the re-organisation of the Cardiff Medical School curriculum (our first Mountain Medicine SSC under the new curriculum will be May 2017) but we run a variety of programmes for medical students, in addition to routine rotations through the ED for Cardiff University medical students on attachment to Ysbyty Gwynedd:

  1.   SSCs for medical students of other universities

  2.   Electives

We are only a small department and so we have strict limits on the number of students we can accept, in order to guarantee excellent clinical exposure and adequate teaching time. You will find the latest availability for the next two years on our Visiting Student page.

We do not usually accept junior medical students: we feel senior students in the final two years of training are placed to gain most from an ED attachment in Bangor. 

Many of our former SCP students return to us as F2 doctors, and choose to work in Bangor - we must be doing something right. And, in early 2017, one of our first former SSC medical students, Dr Rio Talbot, returned to us as a consultant colleague in the ED, and others have returned to us as middle-grade Clinical Fellows.

We want our students to do well. And we’ll work jolly hard to support them and open doors for them.

This is Delyth Badder, presenting the findings of her SCP at the College of Emergency Medicine conference in London in 2009.

As one of the four highest-scoring abstracts, her Free Paper on trauma scoring from post-mortem reports and the accuracy of TARN data was delivered to hundreds of delegates - and led to TARN approaching the Royal College of Pathologists to discuss adding trauma scoring to the curriculum of pathology trainees.

This success was the result of an incredibly motivated student, coupled with enthusiastic supervisors who turned her project into an abstract, organised the submission, and then helped Delyth prepare the cracking presentation that she was delivering whilst the photo was taken!

.... and don’t forget, puppy, house and baby-sitting for the Consultants and their friends!